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Real-Time Assurance. One Block at a Time

Decentralized Continuous Audit & Reporting Protocol Ecosystem™

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Decentralized Continuous Audit & Reporting Protocol Ecosystem™

The reporting and disclosure framework for twenty first century business has arrived! Auditchain is the world's first decentralized continuous audit and real time reporting ecosystem for enterprise and token statistics disclosure. The science of continuous audit has been limited to enterprise internal audit and reporting up until now. Auditchain enables enterprises to provide stakeholders and regulators with the highest levels of audit assurance through decentralized consensus based audit procedure under the DCARPE™ Protocol.

Driving the New Trustless Assurance Economy

The AUDT token functionality powers the new decentralized enterprise world. Its what drives assurance of the modern enterprise from initial certification, early detection and remediation to financial and token statistics disclosure in real time with the highest levels of trustless assurance through decentralization. Wanna take a ride?

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AUDT Token

Auditchain Network Access

AUDT tokens unlock the most robust and secure decentralized network of enterprise and trustless assurance services.

Auditchain Network Services

AUDT tokens are the base currency for enterprise services and trustless assurance payments. AUDT unlocks the highest levels of transparency and assurance for investors and stakeholders through decentralized trustless audit and disclosure automation at a fraction of the cost of traditional audit and reporting.

Auditchain Network Interoperability

Seamless interoperability between private and public blockchains enable robust utility and atomic settlement.


AUDT Fees for enterprises can be reduced to zero through enterprise participation in the decentralized trustless assurance ecosystem.

Premium Stakeholder Assurance

AUDT enables stakeholders to unlock and view highly granulated enterprise audit and performance analytics that provide the highest level of transparency from enterprise system and control statistics to real time financial performance.


Director of Assurance and XBRL Architecture
Chief Scientist
Chief Financial Officer, Strategic Development, Accounting and Assurance
Director of Business Development
Director, Organizational Standards Development and Relations
Director of Strategic Development
Full Stack Developer
Community Development and Marketing


Advisor, CEO of Valmo Ventures Former Senior Vice President, Partner and Investment Strategist, Wellington Management Company
Advisor, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of A-lign
Strategic Advisor

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